Love In Pennsylvania

Doing the laundry is a chore that most of us perform without a second thought. Dirty clothes go into the washer. Clean clothes come out of the dryer. Press, fold, put away.

In between the task, we make dinner, open mail, pay bills, check messages.

For those of us who are fortunate enough to have a washer and dryer, the routine is simply part of what we do.

For those who don’t have washers and dryers, though, doing the laundry is anything but routine. Load the car with baskets of dirty clothes, laundry detergent, dryer sheets, quarters and something to do while waiting.

Those who have limited resources have to face more than the mere inconvenience of loading up, carrying in, carrying out and unloading.

How many loads can be done this week? Do we have enough quarters? Will the laundry detergent we have cover the number of loads?

It was this scenario that prompted a group of caring people in Southern California to form Laundry Love, a “movement that partners with groups, schools and local laundromats to care for the low-income families and individuals,” according to the group’s website,