Laundry Love expands to Woodland

Program allows people to do laundry for free one day a month at Cedars Laundromat

WOODLAND — Valerie Guerra spent three days trying to get the key to use the laundry room at the Lewis River RV Park recently, and even if she was able to get it, she’d be doing laundry for six people on one machine.

For Guerra, laundry day has been one of the harder aspects of moving her family to the RV park back in October. It’s hard to get in the laundry room, and if she can’t, going to a laundromat can cost upwards of $50, a trip, even more if she’s doing bedding and towels.

For the last three months, Guerra and her family have had some help. A Woodland branch of the national Laundry Love program started in April. The program allows an organization or church to cover the cost of doing laundry. A Vancouver branch started in 2010, and reopened in January after a car crashed into the laundromat last year. There are also locations in Washougal and Longview.

“This saved us this month,” Guerra said at the Sept. 11 Laundry Love event in Woodland.

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Laundry Love fosters community participation within a neighborhood through the many layers of connection it inspires.