Are you active in the DIGNITY sector – non profits, intiatives, compassion, justice, reconciliation, human care, restoration, rehabilitation, kindness, neighboring? Yes, the list is long. Well, this two day gathering/conference is a place for you to come and meet others like you, find some encouragement, and be reminded of how vitally important your worth and your work is.

My name is Greg Russinger, co-founder of Laundry Love, a national non profit. We’ve been washing the clothes and bedding of low to no income families and persons for the last 20 years. We are throwing a party, not only to celebrate what we’ve been up to, but what you’ve been up to.

The Dignity Conference is a hybrid of connection and celebration. An invitation for learning and loving. These two days are for all ages, all faith traditions, all people from all cultures, backgrounds, and communities. In a world of fractures and frailty, dignity helps us see the beauty in humanity.

Please join us in Dallas Texas in 2023. A quick note on that, we choose Dallas because of its central location in the country and we hear it’s BBQ is pretty good.