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Laundry Love is an outreach ministry of St. Augustine or Canterbury Episcopal Church, Augusta, Ga. that started on September 29th, 2021. This ministry enables those who have been marginalized because of homelessness or low income to be able to launder their clothes at a local laundromat; a simple means to assist the individual in restoring their sense of dignity and self-worth. Annually, we serve approximately 250 individuals washing and drying 425 loads. We currently provide this ministry for a couple of hours on the last Wednesday of the month Although we would like to expand to other times and/or locations, additional monies are needed to accomplish this. We augment our ministry engaging the customer in conversation and offering prayers upon request. Our church's Storybook Ministry also offered free books to the children who accompany their caregivers. 


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Laundry Love fosters community participation within a neighborhood through the many layers of connection it inspires.