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In Colorado Springs almost 70% of the homeless population served to preserve our freedoms through military service. Their service often goes unrecognized because of the hardships that befell them and we are convinced that we can do better to honor their sacrifice. With fresh laundry and a connection to members of the community that believe in a brighter future, we think the veterans in need could find a way off the streets and into becoming productive members of society.

We hold a bi-monthly free laundry day and hope to expand that to a weekly free laundry day. If we are at max capacity, one of these laundry days can cost up to $800. With your support, you can ensure we can make the biggest difference on these days. Make a one-time donation or a recurring monthly donation (cancel at any time). This is eligible for a tax deduction. 

We seek veteran-minded individuals to take the opportunity through Laundry Love and For Pride And Honor, to improve the quality of life for veterans experiencing poverty. Every dime you donate goes directly toward offering a sense of decency and honor to these warriors who want a better life by supporting our free laundry day.

Thank you for being the change!

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