Love Coffee is a human care collaboration between Laundry Love and Cascadia Coffee Roasters.

Each 12oz bag of Love Coffee supports local Laundry Love locations that wash the clothes and bedding of low income persons and families. We seek to brighten the lives of thousands of people each month through love, dignity, and detergent.

How It Works

Active Laundry Love locations can buy a 10 pack box of 12 oz bags of Laundry Love coffee to help widen their audience, boost interest, and raise funds.

Wholesale partners (local café, faith communities, businesses) are able to buy 5 pound bags of LOVE COFFEE to serve or 12oz bags to sell, which supports and spreads the Laundry Love mission of clean clothes nationwide.

You can buy individual bags which directly supports the national movement in opening new Laundry Love locations.

Three Incredible Blends To Choose From

By purchasing Love Coffee you’re washing the clothes and bedding of low/no income families and person(s)

Top Loader | Medium Roast

This is a rich Guatemalan coffee featuring notes of chocolate and orange peel.

The Tumbler | Dark Roast

This is a full-bodied, French roast coffee featuring notes of dark chocolate and orange peel.

The Irony | Decaf

A sugar processed decaffeinated coffee that works amazing with any brewing method.

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Laundry Love fosters community participation within a neighborhood through the many layers of connection it inspires.