Christian Kassoff | Coach – Orange County

My name is Christian Kassoff. My wife’s name is Shannon and my teenage sons name is Damian. We live in Huntington Beach. We are into scuba, snowboarding, yoga, surfing, camping, traveling. Also, we are active in foreign and local service work. Along with a group of friends, we started our LaundryLove in Huntington Beach in January of 2012. We have since expanded our service night to include a home cooked meal, groceries, haircuts and some social services. LaundryLove has transformational powers but you will only see the miracle if you get started. I have coached many other LaundryLove’s in Los Angeles and Orange County and working with a few others that are starting soon. I love LaundryLove and I am energized by it and if I can help you get started, I will.


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